Is your phone too hard to use?� Do you wish twitter could be easier� Why cant twitter just be more like my very very reliable fax machine� We are here to help you with this!! Let us handle the hard part of twitter by converting your faxes in to tweets. Need more convincing� Just listen to what people have to say about our service.

Before Twax(TM) I never got anything done because I was always fumbling with
my darn iphone. Why doesnt apple make it this easy�

My friends love seeing my Twaxed photos of my meals. It makes them so hungry!

As the owner of a public relations company we tweet on behalf of customers on an hourly basis. Twax has
streamlined this workflow and allowed us to double our productivity. It's just so easy: print fax template,
write tweet, scan and upload to fax service, send to Twax, and sit back and relax as Twax does the real hard work.

become our customer today and experience the life changing world of TWAX !

*please sign up for a twitter dot com account
*once you do that click "Sign In With twitter"
*please refer to the fax help for more information

grocery list
* ornages
* paper towels
* apples
* ground beef
* pasta
* milk